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Repairing a damaged windshield makes sense for several reasons:


It saves money, by preventing the need for costly replacement, and it is very quick, inexpensive, and convenient.

Road debris often strikes a windshield and creates damage in the glass. Unless the cracking process is stopped, it will continue until the cracks expand to cover large areas of the windshield.


Does Your Windshield look like this?

Repair Prices

  • You Come to Us $69
  • We Come to You $79

Long Singular Crack $120

Guaranteed for life
from further cracking!

The Windshield Doctor Repair System

We keep it simple! We do all the paperwork and bill your insurance company for you!

What do I do, use my Insurance or not?

Q: How is it possible that my insurance rates won't go up if I turn in a glass claim?
A: If you have comprehensive insurance, you are insured against the possibility of things beyond your control, such as a rock thrown up from the road, vandalism, etc. Typically, this type of incident does not impact your insurance rate. Always confirm with your insurance agent to be certain.

What is my insurance deductible and how does it work?
A: Your deductible is the amount of the bill that you will be responsible for. If your deductible is $250.00, then the insurance company will take care of the expenses above that dollar figure. You only pay the deductible once per incident. If you choose repair instead of replacement, many insurance companies waive the deductible. We will inspect your windshield and tell you if it can be repaired.

Do I have to ask someone from my insurance company to inspect my windshield before I talk with any glass shops?
A: Not usually. You should call your insurance company and alert them to the damage but normally the insurance company will take your word (and the word of the glass technician) for the damage. ZipGlass will assist you in working with your insurance company.

How it Works - We Keep it Simple

Most insurance companies offer free repair if you have comprehensive (full coverage) insurance on your vehicle. Some insurance companies offer a "glass deductible" that is different/lower than your vehicle deductible. Typically, your insurance rates will not increase because of an auto glass claim. Insurance companies usually waive the deductible for repairs.

You can trust The Windshield Doctor!

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